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Owner - Reba Cornwell

I retired in February of 2016 and since it was winter and couldn't get outside, I was bored so I pulled out the sewing machine and started a quilt top. I did pretty well on the top, however, when it came to the actual quilting, I found it overwhelming. Quilting takes a lot of time and patience. Time I had, patience I did not. So, I thought why not try embroidery. I bought a used single needle Babylock machine. Once I learned the basics, I was hooked. Quilting takes time, embroidery you can have results in a matter of minutes (depending on what you are embroidering). I still do quilt some, but I cheat and quilt on my 6 needle embroidery machine. I love to embroidery. I started my business about 3 years ago and love it. I still learn something new every day regarding embroidery. I have since broadened my inventory to include customize sewn items. Please see my products for my inventory.  

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